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Sony 4K HDR | High Dynamic Range

The New Standard of Brilliance

Incredible contrast, real-life colours and exceptional 4K detail. Enjoy our most realistic picture ever, from regular broadcasts to 4K HDR content, thanks to unique Sony technologies.


HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. Essentially, it refers to an image that displays a greater range of brightness and luminosity than “normal” pictures – so dark areas of the picture will look darker while, at the same time, bright areas will look brighter. You’ll also see more luminance detail in shadowy, darker areas of the picture. An image's dynamic range is the contrast between its brightest whites and darkest blacks, and HDR images boast a much greater constrast than regular images.

The sample pictures above, provided by Sony, demonstrate the difference between standard and high dynamic range pictures.

What’s so great about it?

With the extra luminance, images take on a whole new level of detail. Dark scenes become less of a gloom-fest – you’ll be able to pick out far more in the shadows – while the added vigour of bright areas helps them to leap out of the screen. Colours also become richer and more lifelike, with more delicate blends and shifts in tone.

Basically, it makes things look more realistic, more impactful and more detailed.

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