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Toshiba Grade A Products

Please find listed below the criteria for our Toshiba Graded products we are advertising as A Grade products. If you do need any furthe clarification though regarding this then please give us a call on 01942 602076, pop into our store in Leigh or chat to us via our live chat system.

Reconditioned Product Criteria (A Grade)


 Product standards:


1.      Could be As New or have minor defects as stated below

2.      No Cracks in cabinet front or back.

3.      Cabinet may have up to 2 minor scratches or similar blemishes which are not noticeable by the naked eye at a viewing distance of 100 cm.

4.      Back cabinet may have scratches and metal back covers and tops may have minor bumps or indentations

5.      Pedestal Stand may have up to 2 minor scratches or similar blemishes which are not noticeable at a viewing distance of 100 cm.

6.      LCD Screen may have minor scuff marks and scratches which are not noticeable when TV is being viewed. Scuffs and scratches will not be noticeable at a distance of over 150 cm.

7.      No bright or dark pixels to be visible within two thirds of the area from the central point of the screen. One bright or dark pixel permissible in outer third of screen.

8.      Highly polished bezels may show fine marks over whole surface due to normal cleaning wear.

9.      Product will be clean and free of dirt or greasy marks

10.  Product updated with the latest firmware available at time of refurbishment

11.  All products reset to out of box condition

12.  All product will have a Toshiba Reconditioned label attached to the rear of the unit.

13.  All aspects of the product will operate in accordance with the original design and specification

14.  All products will be re-boxed in plain brown cartons with labels attached denoting model number, serial number and grade.

15.  Accessories enclosed with product as listed in the owner’s manual.

16.  Remote control will be of an original Toshiba type.